Air distribution hoses for greenhouses

A perfect air distribution in the greenhouse is essential for your crop. Air distribution hoses ensure a continuous flow of air which is necessary for example to reduce diseases (Botrytis). In addition, the air is distributed perfectly homogeneous over the entire length of the hose. The result is a balanced growth of the crop.

Advantages double layer air distribution hoses

Lower minimum fan speed

The great advantage of the Enerdes air distribution hoses is that, independent of the fan speed, you have a perfect blowout over the entire length of the air distribution hose. This enables you to set a lower minimum fan speed for the times when less air movement is desired. This is big difference compared to single layer air distribution hoses. The lower fan speed saves energy and this is advantageous for the energy bill.

No horizontal temperature differences by perfect insulation

The perfect insulation of the double-layer air distribution hoses ensures that there is no horizontal temperature differences in the greenhouse. This allows the crop to grow as equal as possible and it prevent cold spots.

Fewer diseases in the greenhouse by perfect air movement

Stagnant air in a greenhouse is the source for plant diseases. By keep the air in motion constantly, germs and diseases get less change to grow. The perfect air circulation in the greenhouse which is created by the double-layer air distribution hoses, makes sure that there are less diseases caused in the greenhouse.

Air distribution hoses with a long lifespan

Through the controlled movement of air in the double-layer air distribution hoses there is no turbulence or uneven air movement. The result is that the hose is more stable and get less fatique. This prolongs the lifespan of the hoses, so they do not need to be replaced quickly. In addition, the maximum UV-stabilization ensures that light does not affect the air distribution hoses. Furthermore, special additives make sure that the hoses are hardy and tear less easily.

Enerdes air distribution hoses

Enerdes has its own production facility for producing air distribution hoses. Our 6 machines can produce together 5 hectares of semi-closed greenhouse air distribution hoses per day. Over the last 10 years we have produced and supplied 4000km of air distribution hoses with a large diameter. Our air distribution hoses are being used in the whole world. Of course we can print your own custom logo on the hoses. We supply the hoses both in white and transparent. They can be provided with any desired pattern of holes. Of course we advise you in this, so that the air is evenly distributed throughout the entire air distribution hose.

Our air distribution hoses are being used in the whole world!

Enerdes air distribution hoses whole world

Air distribution hoses: the perfect diameter

Through our years of experience and research, we can calculate exactly what hoses ensure perfect airflow in your greenhouse. In the table below shows the L the length of the greenhouse. Next, look at the correct distance from the center to the center of the gutter.

Which diameter hose fits the best in your greenhouse layout?

  L = 40mL = 60ML = 80ML = 100ML = 120ML = 140M
Center-to-center gutterCenter-to-center gutterCenter-to-center gutterCenter-to-center gutterCenter-to-center gutterCenter-to-center gutter

Personal advice on air distribution hoses for your greenhouse?

Our engineers are happy to help you!