End caps

End caps are placed at the end of air distribution hoses. An end cap allows for more air speed at the end of the air distribution hose, giving you more ventilation at that point. An end cap also allows for lowering the pressure in the hose at high air velocities, which in turn results in a lower power consumption.

End caps with adjustable vents

Each end cap has four adjustable vents. With this, every single end cap can be set to a certain outflow. The additional ventilation at the end of the distribution hose increases the quality of your plants close to the aisle.

Improved working conditions

An aisle in a greenhouse is often warmed by the sun shining straight on the concrete. An additional advantage of end caps is that the hot concrete in the aisle is cooled by the air in the air distribution hoses. This allows for better working conditions for your employees.

A better appearance for the company

Air distribution hoses are often closed with tie wraps. This often looks less appealing. The use of end caps has a professional look and can also be used for marketing purposes.

End caps of Enerdes

Enerdes produces fully customized end caps and can optionally coat them. We can also provide end caps with stickers of your (company) logo. End caps are often supplied in combination with air distribution hoses.
End caps
End caps