Recirculations fans

In modern greenhouses, ventilation plays an increasingly important role. One of the characteristics of hot air that is rises to the top. Our recirculation fans bring the air in motion and ensure that the heat is optimally distributed throughout the greenhouse. This results in a uniform development of the crop.

The advantages of EC recirculation fans

The main advantage of EC-fans in comparison with the traditional AC-fans is the higher financial return. An EC-fan achieves an efficiency up to 99% compared to 20-70% with AC-fans. This results in a more efficient use of energy and less wasted heat. In addition, an EC-fan produces less noise and they have a very long lifespan. Compared with other fans they move up to 2 times more volume. If required, we can also supply the traditional AC-fans.

Enerdes is the exclusive dealer of EBM Papst for the horticulture

Enerdes is the exclusive dealer of EBM Papst EC-fans for the horticulture industry. The EC-technology has both ecologically and economically excellent quality.

Axial EC-fans vs. Radial EC-fans

An axial EC-fan makes use of blades and has the advantage that it can move a high volume in spite of its small size. An axial EC-fan is excellent for low pressure systems. A radial EC-fan utilizes a wheel and moves relatively less volume. A radial EC-fan is excellent for pressurization systems because of the high pressure and high energy efficiency.

Wireless controllable recirculation fans

Our EC-fans are wireless controllable via a computer program. You can easily control the speed and ramp up time of all your fans at the same time, for a certain group of fans and even per single fan. Once several fans have designated the same values, the built-in repeaters ensure that the signal is repeated. To secure your data, the sender and receiver make use of encrypted data. There is a signal repeater included in the fans. The wireless receiver has an IP 65 enclosure, to make sure no water and dust can come inside. Installation has been made easy, we can deliver the plug you desire (for instance Wieland plugs eg.) to make the system plug-and-play. Just plug it in to the socket and the system works right away. The software is suitable for all EBM Papst EC-fans. Alternatively, our fans can be controlled via a 0-10V signal or PWM-control.

Air recirculation with recirculation fans of Enerdes

Enerdes is known for customer-specific solutions. Our engineers think along with you to achieve the desired result. We are specialized in providing energy-efficient fans. Our fans are also suitable for recirculation under the gutters in combination with our air distribution hoses.
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Recirculation fans
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"Semi-closed technique also usable in conventional greenhouses"

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