Recirculation under the gutters

Moisture build-up under the gutters is bad for the crop, this is the result of stagnant air. In order to prevent a dead climate, recirculation under the gutters is advised. Fans will be installed underneath the gutters in combination with air distribution hoses. The fan prevents moisture build-up under the gutter by providing a constant flow of air under the crop. The plants are not directly in the stream of the fan, but they do benefit from the air movement caused by the fan. This results also in a production increase and energy savings.
Enerdes recirculation fans under the gutters

Production increase because of recirculation under the gutters

Recirculation under the gutters results in air movement and the mixing of air, which causes a more homogeneous temperature, moisture distribution and CO2-distribution. The smoother the climate, the better this is for the crop, resulting in a production increase.

Energy savings by recirculation under the gutters

Recirculation under the gutters ensures that the heat and CO2 is optimally distributed throughout the greenhouse. As a result, energy can be saved. In addition, the air movement improves heat dissipation of the tuberail heating. This results in a lower return water temperature.

Enerdes is the exclusive dealer of EBM Papst EC-fans in the horticulture industry.

Enerdes is the exclusive dealer of EBM Papst EC-fans for the horticulture industry. The EC technology has both ecologically and economically excellent quality. EC-fans move up to 2 times more volume than comparable AC-fans at the same power consumption. They also have a very long lifespan and are energy efficient. Our fans can be controlled wireless per fan or by a 0-10V signal or PWM-control.
Enerdes recirculation fans under the gutters

Wireless controllable fans under the gutters

Our EC-fans are wireless controllable via a computer program. You can easily control the speed and ramp up time of all your fans at the same time, for a certain group of fans and even per single fan. Once several fans have designated the same values, the built-in repeaters ensure that the signal is repeated. To secure your data, the sender and receiver make use of encrypted data. There is a signal repeater included in the fans. The wireless receiver has an IP 65 enclosure, to make sure no water and dust can come inside. Installation has been made easy, we can deliver the plug you desire (for instance Wieland plugs) to make the system plug-and-play. Just plug it in to the socket and the system works right away. The software is suitable for all EBM Papst EC-fans. Alternatively, our fans can be controlled via a 0-10V signal or PWM-control.

Recirculation under the gutters combined with air distribution hoses and end caps

The recirculation fans are coupled to air distribution hoses under the gutters. The hole pattern of the air distribution hoses ensure that the heat and CO2 comes in an optimal way to the crop. End caps are placed at the end of an air distribution hose and provide more speed at the end of the hose. Additionally, the adjustable vents allow for a better climate control in the aisle.

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