Air handling units

Enerdes has designed air handling units for the worldwide patented semi-closed greenhouse system to create an optimal climate in the greenhouse and have better control.

Functioning of air handling units

An air handling unit will put the air in motion and provides an optimal temperature. An air handling unit can use both inside air and outside air. The air from the greenhouse itself can be re-heated or cooled using a heating element. The outside air enters through the cooling pads to the air handling units. By cooling down or heating up the air, the air handling unit can provide an optimal temperature or humidity to the greenhouse.

Enerdes air handling units

Enerdes has developed various air handling units for different greenhouses. Our smallest air handling unit is designed specifically for greenhouses where space is limited and the gutters are relatively short. Our biggest air handling units are designed for large greenhouses with long gutters. For example, at the 128-acre greenhouse from Windset in Santa Maria our biggest air handling units are installed. In addition to size, we distinguish between air handling units with radial and axial fans.

Enerdes air handling units

Air handling units Enerdes
Air handling units Enerdes
AHU1VECR630 Horti Climate Enerdes
When space is restricted and a greenhouse is bound to existing environments this model is the preferred choice.
AHU1VECR710 Horti Climate Enerdes
This air handling unit is specifically designed for mild climates and/or medium sized path lengths.
AHU2HECR630L Horti Climate Enerdes
This air handling unit is specifically designed for large sized path lengths.
AHU1VECA910 Horti Climate Enerdes
AHU1VECA910 & 800
This budget version makes use of an axial fan instead of a radial fan.