Cooling pads

Under certain circumstances, the recirculation of air in the greenhouse is not enough to create a perfect climate for the crop. There is then air from outside required. When outside air is drawn in, the use of cooling pads is the most efficient way to cool the greenhouse.

Cooling outside air with cooling pads

By using Cooling pads the ambient temperature can be significantly lowered. The optimal temperature and humidity depends on many factors. Outdoor climate, the kind of crop, environmental conditions and the size of the cooling pads are important factors to take into account.

The functioning of cooling pads

Above the cooling pads is a water supply to distribute water onto the path. On top of the cooling pad is a glued distribution pad which spreads the water evenly across the top of the pad. In that way, the cooling pad is evenly moistened. Water drips down through the honeycomb structure of the cooling pads. The hot outside air flows through the cooling pads and is cooled down by the wet surface, hereafter the cooled air enters the greenhouse. Under the cooling pads is a drain which collects the water and makes it suitable for re-use.

Lifetime cooling pads

There are several factors that affect the lifetime of cooling pads, including water treatment (pH and EC value), wind influences, the cleaning cycle, drying after use and intensity of use. Also the way of construction the cooling pads is of great influence. Cooling pads can warp by these influences or fall out of the wall.

Example of wrong constructed cooling pads:
Cooling pads without frames

Enerdes cooling pads: longer lifetime through frames

Enerdes has found a solution to increase the firmness of cooling pads and thus to extend the life. The special cooling pads are fitted with frames. By this development, the cooling pads stay better in place and are less sensitive to external influences and construction. This makes them universally applicable. Both the cooling pads and the frames are custom-made and are therefore available in different sizes. The cooling pads of Enerdes make the greenhouse climate even verifiable in the hottest months. The pads are not harmful to the environment and require minimum maintenance.

The cooling pads with frames are sold separately for existing greenhouses, but also with water distribution units:
Framed cooling pad with water distribution unit
Framed cooling pad
Cooling pads with and without frames