Humidity and its control is of great importance for a good greenhouse climate. By humidifying the air in the greenhouse, also called fogging, evaporation takes place and cools the air. This affects the humidity and ambient temperature.

The importance of fogging

The perspiration of a crop requires energy. This energy is withdrawn from the greenhouse air. The energy in the form of heat is converted into water vapor. The energy is still there, but does not feel as heat. The crop can be helped in the conversion of sensible heat to water vapor using fogging. This is also known as adiabatic cooling.

Cooling the greenhouse without CO2 loss

As fogging allows for cooling the air, the air windows can be opened partially. This allows the CO2 level in your greenhouse to remain higher.

Saving energy through fogging

By using a fogging installation the crop is helped with cooling. Therefore, less energy needs to be extracted from the greenhouse air. Adiabatic cooling is extremely energy efficient. The air in the greenhouse is cooled down by the evaporation of water. The lower the relative humidity, the higher the efficiency of the cooling process.

Fogging systems from Enerdes

Enerdes fogging systems consists of high-pressurized lines hung at the top of the greenhouse. The stainless steel high-pressure line has every 2 or 3 meters a branch with a special high pressure nozzle which will atomize the water to a very fine mist. Our systems of Enerdes are custom made and is thus tailored to your requirements.