CO2 systems

CO2 is the basic nutrient for every plant. CO2 systems increase photosynthesis and therewith also the growth of the crop. CO2 systems consist of a high-pressure fan which divides the CO2 under the greenhouse in a pipe system. The pipe system consists of conduits and CO2 casings. CO2 casings are plastic hoses with small holes through which the exhaust gases evenly flow into the greenhouse.

The amount of gas that needs to be burned for a CO2 distribution system

Flue gases in the boiler are too hot for the CO2 distribution system. A flue gas condenser is placed behind the boiler to cool down the flue gases and make them suitable for CO2 dosing. The amount of natural gas that needs to be burned for a CO2 distribution system is highly dependent on the type of crop and the presence or absence of a heat buffer. When there is a heat buffer present, it is important to accurately tune the capacity of the CO2 distribution system to the capacity of the heat buffer.

Optimal distribution of CO2 through the greenhouse

It is not easy to calculate a CO2 distribution system well. There is a lot of knowledge needed about fluid dynamics and about the other installations in the greenhouse. For optimal distribution of CO2 through the greenhouse, it wise to let an expert calculate the CO2 distribution system. Enerdes designs (by means of CFD) the dimensions of the pipe and therewith ensures optimal distribution of CO2.

CO2 systems with optimal pressure distribution

Normally, at the front of the pipe there is more pressure than at the end. Therefore, Enerdes assigns dimensions to throttle plates which ensure that the pressure is evenly distributed. The throttle plates allow to determine per opening the amount of air that is allowed to flow out of the CO2 distribution system. Therewith, the pressure can be better distributed over the pipeline system.

Enerdes designs CO2 systems

To facilitate a good distribution of CO2 in the greenhouse, the fans, the pipelines and the hole distance need to be well tuned to each other. The engineers of Enerdes are happy to help you to design your CO2 system and thereby ensure optimal CO2 distribution.