Cooling towers

A greenhouse needs electricity for, for example, the lightning in the greenhouse. This electricity is often generated by a cogeneration. A side-product of the production of electricity is heat. This is not always needed and thus the heat needs to be destroyed to keep the cogeneration working. This is possible with the aid of cooling towers.

The functioning of a cooling tower

A cooling towers draws ambient air using fans and then blows it through the cooling tower. The heart of the cooling tower is the coil block, made up of a circuit of interconnected tubes containing hot water. The ambient air is drawn or blown through the coil block thereby cooling the water.

Under what circumstances do you need a cooling tower

Our cooling towers are also called emergency coolers. When for example a gas engine needs water which may not be too warm and there is only warm water present, the use of a cooling tower is needed. The cooling tower cools the water to avoid damaging the gas engine.

Enerdes custom-made cooling towers

All Enerdes cooling towers are custom-made. The design of a cooling tower is dependent on many factors. These include ambient temperature, the amount of water which needs to be cooled, required water temperature, etc. Our engineers think along with you for the best solution.
Cooling towers
Cooling tower