Flue gas condensers

Flue gas condensers use water to cool down flue gases to below the dew point. In this way, the heat of vaporization of the water vapor can be re-used, for example, for use in the CO2-distribution system. This improves the return on investment of the boiler. Another advantage is that the “residual” heat which is still present in the flue gases can be utilized as well.

Condensation point of flue gases

The further the flue gases are cooled down, the higher the return on investment. When the temperature of the flue gases is below the dew point, there will be extra heat released by the condensation of the moisture in the flue gases. If condensation does not take place, the water vapor will disappear with the heat via the chimney into the atmosphere. With the recovery of the heat of evaporation, the heat from the natural gas is better utilized.

The functioning of a flue gas condenser

Behind the boilers in the boiler room flue gas condensers cool down flue gases. The flue gases are guided along tubes containing cold water. The flue gases transfers their heat to the water and are thus cooled down. The gas is cooled down from approximately 180 to 40 degrees Celsius. After that, the flue gases are cold enough to use. The flue gases pass through the CO2-distribution system into the greenhouse.

How to save money with a flue gas condenser?

The use of a flue gas condenser has two advantages. First, the cooled flue gas may be used in the CO2-distribution system. This can save a significant amount of money at the CO2 costs. Second, water can be heated by using the residual heat in the flue gases. With the recovery of the heat of evaporation, the heat from the natural gas is better utilized. This will result in a reduction on the energy bill.

Why is expert advice important for the use of flue gas condensers?

The return on investment of a flue gas condenser stands or falls with the right connection on the heating system. Besides that, when buying a flue gas condenser several factors must be taken into account. For example, many growers suffer from a loss of efficiency of a condenser because of a too high flue gas temperature.

Enerdes flue gas condensers

Our goal is to integrate your flue gas condenser in such a way that it cools down the flue gas as much as possible. The further the flue gas is cooled down, the higher your return on investment is. If the heat from the flue gases cannot be utilized, it is still advisable to let the condenser cool the flue gases as good as possible to avoid problems with moisture in the CO2-distribution system.