Heating systems

For most crops, an optimal temperature is required, which responds quickly to changing weather conditions. Well-functioning heating systems have a direct impact on the harvest. A poor heating system can lead to the loss of the entire crop.

The consequences of uneven heat release from heating systems

Uneven spreading of heating systems in the greenhouse will be visible through differences in crop growth or crops affected by pests. The differences in the growth of the crop are often only visible when there are samples taken from the crop from different places. At that time, it is probably too late to prevent the crop from growth differences.

Climate differences due to uneven heat release

There are several causes for the occurrence of climate difference in a greenhouse. One of the main causes is undoubtedly an uneven spreading of the heating systems. Heating systems with small differences in water temperature are responsible for relative large differences in air temperature and plant temperature. Differences in air temperature also lead to other climate differences, such as for example the relative humidity. In modern semi closed greenhouses, small differences in heat release of the heating systems are causing horizontal airflows. Thereby, temperature differences will increase. Additionally, there will arise differences in CO2 concentration.

Prevent climate differences with good heating systems

For a good production with a uniform quality, it is necessary that all plants in the greenhouse are heated in an identical manner. For this, it is necessary that the distance from the heating tubes to the temperature-sensitive parts of plants, such as growth points, fruits and flower heads for all of the plants the same is.

Heating systems with even heat release from Enerdes

The heating system is one of the most important components in a modern energy-conscious greenhouse. A component that must be absolutely fool proof! Enerdes has the knowledge and experience to design energy efficient and reliable heating systems with even heat release throughout the whole greenhouse (CFD analysis).
Heating systems