Houweling’s Tomatoes Oxnard

Houweling’s is a worldwide known family business dedicated to the sustainable cultivation of tomatoes. The company innovates constantly to operate as environmentally conscious as possible.

Houweling’s greenhouse in Oxnard (119 acres) is unique because of the combination of four conventional greenhouses and two semi-closed greenhouses. This combination ensures that the residual heat from the conventional greenhouse can be used in the semi-closed greenhouses.

At Houweling`s greenhouse are also 3 CO-Gen engines placed. Enerdes has been involved for the integration of the systems into the existing heating system. For the engines Enerdes also provided cooling towers.

Enerdes has developed all energy systems for Houweling’s Tomatoes in Oxnard. In addition, the greenhouse uses air handling units and air distribution hoses of Enerdes.