Houweling’s Tomatoes Utah


Houweling’s is a worldwide known family business dedicated to the sustainable cultivation of tomatoes. The company innovates constantly to operate as environmentally conscious as possible.

Houweling’s greenhouse in Utah (27 acres) is built next to a power plant to use the residual heat and CO2 from the power plant in the greenhouse. The transport of heat and CO2 from the power plant to the greenhouse is done with a flue gas duct developed by Enerdes.

In addition to the flue gas duct, Enerdes has designed and delivered several other installations. From air handling units with cooling pads in both the greenhouse itself as the corridor to the complete design of the boiler room and associated heating system (and residual heat regeneration) and the CO2 distribution system.

Update: In June 2016, Houweling’s Tomatoes Utah was awarded with the ‘Excellence in Energy Award” and may call itself “Energy Innovator of the Year”. Houweling’s won the price partly due to the flue gas duct.

Houweling’s made a document about sustainable agriculture: ‘The future of sustainable agriculture’ (PDF).

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Pictures while constructing: