We at Enerdes are really enthusiastic about EC-Fans!

Hereby we give you 7 reasons for choosing EC-fans:

  1. Low energy consumption

EC-fans use a lot less energy then traditional AC-fans do. The reason for this is that AC-fans need extra energy to create a secondary magnetic field. EC-fans make use of permanent magnets and therefore are much more efficient.

  1. High efficiency

EC-fan motors are being controlled synchronized. The advantage is that there is no lag or heat produced by friction. Another advantage is that EC-motors have an internal frequency drive, so the ideal speed can always be set and there is no need for a separate frequency drive.

  1. Low noise level

Because the speed is controlled intelligently the noise levels are much lower.

  1. Wide operation range

The speed of an AC-fan is restricted to the design of the motor and the available voltage and frequency. EC-Fans have special motor electronics built in that independent of the power supply the motor will work.

  1. PWM control

PWM stands for Pulse Width Modulation and controls the fan in the most ideal working range. The great advantage is that the fan never will exceed it’s power consumption and is therefore more efficient than AC-motors.

  1. Controllable ramp-up time

You can choose whether the EC-fan ramps up quickly or slowly. A more slowly ramp-up time reduced wear and tear and therefore the life expectancy will be higher than that of an AC-motor. Another great advantage is the nominal current draw of an EC-motor during start-up is much lower then the draw of an AC-motor.

  1. Longer life expectancy

Because EC-motors have a much lower motor temperature during operation, the EC-motor has a longer life expectancy then an AC-motor.